New Update

New Update
  • Added “G String” game mounting support
  • Added a confirmation window when a server tries to force connect a player to a different server
  • Added "Followed" and "Favorites" categories to dupes, saves and demos sections of main menu and the spawn menu
  • The map, gamemode & server name of the server you are joining is now shown on the default loading screen. It also now goes dark mode based on player’s local time
  • Added "Disable Sprays" checkbox to the Options menu
  • Servers that failed to respond to the info/ping requests are now shown in the server browser under "Unreachable Servers" section
  • Added "Disconnect" button to the "open URL" and "connect to a server" confirmation dialogs
  • You can now CTRL+A in console (or in any other RichText GUI element such as default chat window) to select all text
  • Added "Size" display to every addon in the Addons menu
  • Added weapon slot 7, 8, 9 and 0 binds to Options menu as some mods/gamemode might be using more than 6 weapon slots
  • Added map icons for new maps of Team Fortress 2, CS:GO and Fistful of Frags
  • Added sound effect slider to Audio Options menu. This affects all sounds except for voice chat and music, both of which have their own sliders. This allows players to configure voice chat volume separately from the sound effects volume, making the voice chat louder if master ("Game") volume is set to maximum.